Annual Andy Spurlock

Mountain Top One Hundred Trap Shoot

Sunday August 28th, 2022

Event Start Time is 9:00 AM Entry fee $75 includes 100 Targets

Includes barbeque lunch Blind draw, raffles and prizes abound

Belt Buckles & Cash Awarded by the Lewis System

This will be a Continental Shoot

The targets are thrown from oscillating traps that constantly change the vertical angle. All shooting is from the 16-yard position. The targets are thrown high or low and always fast. Target angles are extreme at about 45 degrees right or left of center. The distance is set up to 75 meters. Two shots are allowed at each target and full credit is given for targets broken with either the first or second shot.

Tie Breakers:

All shoot offs will be shot from the 21 yard line with 2 targets from each post. Ten targets total.

Bind Draw:

We will draw a number between 4 - 15. This number will be subtracted from the high score. Anyone shooting the resulting number will shoot off for $200. We will do this twice.

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