The 2022, 51st Annual Sespe Rendezvous

Cannon and Mortar Wrap Up

2022 Sespe Rendezvous Cannon & Mortar Shoot


October 15, 2022

We had a very good artillery turnout for the Sespe Rendezvous Cannon & Mortar shoot this year . . . a total of 15 guns competing for bragging rights of the top dog of Rose Valley; 7 cannon and 8 mortars.  There were some new guns (and crews) on the line and although there was stiff competition, a couple of seasoned red-legs came out on top.  Congratulations to John C. for running away with the mortar competition with a score of 53 . . almost twice the score of the 2nd place position.  Shawn destroyed the closest to the bucket competition with a Diet Dr. Pepper landing 18” from the pin . . . good thing these were not high explosive rounds!

For the cannon match, Steve T. seems to have finally gotten his 1895 Hotchkiss gun working, scoring a 71-2x to take the rifled cannon ribbon, and Richard A. scoring an amazing 68-1x with his smoothbore gun for 1st place smoothbore. Nice shooting Richard!

Scott D. and his dad came up with their smoothbore gun for the first time, and got on paper and got familiar with their gun . . . watch out for stiff competition from Scott at the Memorial Day shoot next year.

Above all, it was a safe and fun shoot; everyone was practicing good safety protocols and there were no injuries or near-miss incidents.  Thanks to all for their work.  The cannon target frames are in sad shape and desperately need to be replaced . . . please contact our club president, Stuart Rose,, if you can help make up some new and sturdy frames.

We are still looking for someone with free time and lots of energy to assume the Shoot Chair position for the cannon and mortar shoots . . . May and October only – unless they want to host events more often. . . a monthly shoot for the die-hards? Please consider accepting the helm for this important event, contact Stuart Rose, for more information.

Cannnon-Mortar results 10-15-2022 III.docx

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