Public Shoot Day

Public Shoot Day

The range is open to the public every 4th Saturday of the month, except in April, when it is closed for the 7-Gun Shoot and Barbecue.

Hours are 9:00AM until 4:00PM please do not arrive any later than 2:45PM

Fee: $10.00 per shooter per day

Trap: $5.00 per round

The portion of the range that is open to the public consists of 20 covered firing points with concrete benches, and target stands at various distances from 50 feet to 200 yards. One firing point with pistol silhouette targets (at 50 and 100 yards); and one Trap field. Target frames are available at the range, but participants must bring their ammunition, targets and staple gun.

There is parking behind the covered firing line. Picnic tables and restrooms for the convenience of the shooters.

Please note the following:

  • All present, including spectators, at the covered firing line, must wear eye and ear protection.

  • Tracer, incendiary, armor-piercing ammunition, steel core bullets, etc., are not permitted on the premises. There are magnets to check with. All ammunition is subject to inspection by Range Officers at any time.

  • Glass, rocks, exploding targets, and similar "novelties" are not permitted.

  • A Rangemaster or Range Safety Officer (ROS) must be present at all times.

  • Shooters must sign in and obey all range commands and safety regulations.

  • Please sign a waiver and deposit in the box provided.

  • Open Bolt Indicators / chamber flags are required on all rifles and handguns, except black powder and break action long guns.

  • OBIs are available from the Rangemaster for $1 each.

  • Download and read the Range Rules


If you plan to bring minors, other than your own children to the Range, you will need to bring a minor waver, signed by the parent or legal guardian. For each minor you are bringing. Children under 18 need to be supervised by an adult and children 14 and under shoot free. All the necessary paperwork to participate in Public Shoot day is at the range or downloadable. Those under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign and supervise them.

Remember we are out in the forest and you may want to plan accordingly should the weather turn. Bring plenty of water or other non alcoholic beverages to prevent dehydration.

For more information, contact: Public Shoot Day Chair

A note from the Shoot Chair:

On Public Shoot Day we pride ourselves on safety and accommodating shooters at various levels of familiarization with firearms. We try to have enough Range Safety Officers (RSO) on hand to allow optimum safety as well as help out those new to shooting. If possible, we are happy to have an NRA approved Range Safety Officer or Instructor help you with your shooting. Feel free to ask for help. It is recommended that you arrive before the hour as on the hour there is a Line Break. The Line Breaks are coordinated with the trap shooters at the top of the hour. If you arrive just after the hour, you may have to wait almost an hour for the next Line Break.

If you plan on coming early, please come early enough to complete or turn in the paperwork and have targets out by 9:00. It is not fair to keep those ready at 9:00 from shooting on time. for the people who flow in between 9:00 and 10:00. We start shooting at 9:00 and the next cease-fire is around 10:00. We have 20 benches available for shooting on our covered firing line

Things you should bring:

Firearms, ammunition, eye protection, ear protection, targets, $10.00 per guest shooter, hydrating drinks and any accessories or gun cleaning supplies you may want to use. Open bolt indicators for your firearms if you have them, if not we will loan them to you. Should you arrive without eye or ear protection, we will sell you those for $3.00 and $1.00 for ear protection. Eye and ear protection must be worn by all on the line when we are not in a cease-fire.

Only Ca legal firearms and accessories are allowed, and you are not allowed to shoot steel projectiles due to fire danger. We do not allow the shooting of things such as glass, cinderblocks or cans. You may bring rolling and spinning targets and use those. Steel spinning targets must be placed far enough away to be safe. You may shoot trap on the trap field for $4.00 per round after paying the $10.00 fee. Shotguns may only be used off the trap field as long as you are shooting slugs as we do not want to subject our target frames to buck or birdshot. You may shoot buck or birdshot at empty milk jugs we have available on the main range.

On Public Shoot day we pride ourselves on being as helpful as possible. Our hours are 9:00 until 4:00. Please do not arrive any later than 2:45 as it takes time to get set up and this will put you here before the last cease-fire to get paperwork done and targets out for the remaining hour of guest shooting. Our gate is open during Public Shoot until the event is over and all guest shooters have left our facility then I lock it myself.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call me and I will try to help you out as best I can. I keep club membership paperwork at the range on Public Shoot day so you have access to that and help with it by myself or one of our Safety Officers. You need a sponsor to join the club and attending Public Shoot day and being observed as a safe shooter by a Safety Officer is a great way to get a sponsor signature. Mention that you are thinking about joining and if you are safe during a public shoot a Safety Officer or I will sponsor you for membership. Often we have folks that come to Public Shoot that join the club after seeing our facility.

Line Break:

Once a cease-fire is called it is requested you clear your firearm of ammunition and magazine and use an open bolt indicator to show an empty chamber. It is then asked you step behind the red line as our Safety officers confirm all firearms are clear. Once the Rangemaster has been notified by all RSO's that the line is clear, we will announce the range is safe, and you may go down range to deal with targets. There is absolutely no handling of firearms during a cease-fire, you are either downrange in the dirt or behind the red line. Remaining behind the red line shows all that you are away from the firearms on the benches. I watch the benches very closely during cease-fires, and anyone near a bench will be asked to get behind the red line, should they approach the bench. If you wish to leave around, cease-fire tells your RSO and get your firearms from the line and into cases if you have them. This allows the RSO to know what is going on and we can allow you time to pack up a bit before we call the range safe and allow shooters to go down range. Anyone at any time may call a cease-fire if they see danger down range and is encouraged to do so. In such a case we lay down firearms and get behind the red line.

Download and read the range rules by clicking this button.