For Prospective New Members:

Everything is very well explained in the first six pages of Club information in the New Member Form and here are some of the highlights.

  • You will need a Club Member sponsor to help you and guide you through the process. To obtain a sponsor if you do not know anyone in the Club just come to a General Meeting, they are listed on the calendar, do not be shy, meet people and learn about the Club. Talk to the Officers and Shoot Chairs at the meeting. And/or, attend a scheduled event as a guest, email the shoot chairman from the activity page with any questions. You will be able to get a sponsor, we are sure.

  • Reading and understanding the Range Rules is critical. The Range Rules are available to download below and any questions will be answered at your orientation by the Chief Instructor.

  • You will need to complete the probationary process as explained in the form. The four requirements: Attend a General Meeting and have an officer sign your probationary card, attend a workday/orientation and get your workday and orientation signed off and lastly attend a scheduled shoot and demonstrate safety proficiency with a firearm and obtain the Shoot Chair sign off.

  • After submission of signed off probationary card along with Part II of the application form and once approved by the Board of Directors, you will be a member.

Download the New Member Form by clicking the form button below.

For Members Renewing Their Membership:

Remember, renewals are only for members who were members last year. However, if you were a member more than a year ago you can renew by paying back dues and fees or by going through the probationary process again, the Membership Chair can assist you with the most convenient method for you.

  • Last year members may download the renewal form by clicking the Renew Membership Form button below and mailing it in or bring it to a General Meeting. Some key points of the renewal form are:

        • Fill out form completely.

        • Be sure email is correct (this is how we contact you)

        • Be sure check is signed and fully filled out or all credit card information is correct

        • Be sure signed releases are included for everyone in membership

        • Be sure self-addressed stamped envelope is included or your card will not be mailed back to you

        • Anything missing or incomplete will mean your renewal will not be processed in a timely manner

Membership Forms & Information