Highway 33 closed

Highway 33 from Fairview Road to Lockwood Valley Road was shut down during last week’s storm, said Caltrans spokesman Michael Comeaux.
Heavy rain swept tons of mud, rocks and debris down hills burned in the Thomas Fire and over the winding route. At two spots, the steep slope below the highway washed out, adding to the damage.

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The Saturday, January 13, 2018 workday is canceled

The Saturday, January 13, 2018 workday is canceled because Hwy-33 is closed at both ends due to rock & mudslides, including one that undermined the road below Rose Valley (between Ojai & Rose Valley). We do not know when the road will reopen ... or whether re-opening is even possible as one lane with alternate traffic. This means that all access to the OVGC Rose Valley Range is shut off until further notice, and all shooting events are canceled. As soon as we hear anything from CalTrans, we will broadcast the information.

Extra work & cleanup day on January 6th 2018

January 6 will be devoted to cleanup and a few vital repairs. The area will be dusty with ash, even if it rains this week. Individuals with any medical or health condition that could be negatively affected by exposure to ash & dust particles should stay away (please!). We have a limited supply of n-95 masks people are encouraged to bring their personal protection equipment

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