Reopening range & 7 Gun shoot

Last Monday, April 9 we received permission from our USFS Ranger to access the OVGC Range through Rose Valley Road for the purpose of last Saturday's April 14 work day. At that time, we were assured that Rose Valley Road would be open to us in advance of our Annual 7-Gun Shoot family event scheduled for Saturday, April 28. In fact, the word was that the Road would reopen a couple of days before then.
On the April 14 work day we saw the Ojai Valley News article linked and pasted here on the bulletin board at the Friends of Los Padres office at Wheeler Campgrounds -- which appeared open. The article appeared online April 11 (2 days after our call with the Ranger) and in the printed edition on Friday, April 13.
As we all know, 7-Gun requires planning for attendees and substantial preparation by Club volunteers. Based on all of the available information -- and unless anything new or surprising happens in the meantime -- we plan to hold the Annual 7-Gun Shoot as scheduled on Saturday April 28 -- and to re-open the Range for normal scheduled events the next morning -- which is at CMP Garand & Modern Service Rifle Clinic on Sunday, April 29 at 7:30 AM. Flyers for both events are attached. All tickets for 7-Gun, including advance purchase, will be held at "Will Call" at the Stat Shack to your right facing the covered picnic area. Please save time by having non-member guests fill out the release of liability form in advance.

Please contact Randy Lewis for anything regarding 7-Gun Shoot this year. Thanks.
Let's encourage a great turnout for 7-Gun.