100 Yard Benchrest 

(Previously Military & Precision)

2nd Sunday of each month 8:00 AM

Shoot fee:

100 Yard Benchrest has something for everyone. The match was originally started for open sight military service rifles through WW II and precision scoped rifles. In an effort to better serve the Ojai Valley Gun Club membership and boost participation in our event we have added classes for practically any kind of rifle. Along with Precision and Military bolt action we have classes for semi-autos (M1, M1A, FAL) as well as separate classes for AR platform rifles. We have an Olde Tyme class for old black powder military arms like rolling blocks and trapdoors. We also have Hunter classes for centerfire and rimfire rifles.

Our goal is to open up competition for shooters to improve their skills in marksmanship and to get those old timers out of the closet. We match similar rifle types to make the competition more even. Please review the "Course of Fire" for details. 

Come on up on the 2nd Sunday of the month and bring those Springfields, Mausers, and Enfields. We start at 8:00 and run four 40 minute relays. All relays are self-scoring.

All you need is a bag or front rest, a rear bag (no one-piece rests allowed). Also a good spotting scope is highly recommended.

Eye & Ear Protection is Mandatory

Contact the Shoot Chair: