Cowboy Action-S.A.S.S

4th Sunday of the month at 10:00AM

Shoot fee:

Cowboy action shooting matches are held on the 4th Sunday of each month on the Black Powder Range at 10:00 a.m. 

Firearms must be of the Old West Era:

The participants need to have 2 single-action revolvers, one lever action rifle of pistol caliber (.38special, .45LC), and one shotgun no smaller than 20 Ga. Ammunition requirements are 125 rounds pistol/rifle and 25 or more shotgun. The pistol/rifle bullets have to be cast lead (copper coated, jacketed, FMJ are not allowed).

The shoots are medium sized with, on average, 15 to 20 participants. Cowboys/Cowgirls shoot six different stages with one shooter shooting at one time, against the clock.

The targets are set at a close range; there is never a target too big or too close to miss. A miss adds 5 seconds onto the shooter's time. The only participants allowed to have ammunition in their firearms are the current shooter and those at the loading table.

Everyone at a cowboy action shooting event who is able to work is encouraged to help out. There are jobs for spotters,  brass-pickers, scorers, and at the unloading table. Spectators and participants are required to have eye and ear protection and adhere to safe firearm handling practices at all times.

All matches are conducted under the guidelines of the Single Action Shooting Society.

Eye & Ear Protection is Mandatory

Contact the Shoot Chair: