NRA National Match Hi-Power Rifle

1st Sunday of each month 7:30 AM

Shoot fee:

  • Members: $10

  • Guests: $10 + $10 guest fee (valid all day)

NRA-Approved National Match shooting events are held the first Sunday of every month. Start time is 7:30 a.m. Additional CMP Clinics and Practice Matches are held on 5th-Weekend Days throughout the year. Practice Matches are held on Public Shoot Days – the 4th Saturday of almost every month. Check the Calendar in advance or, for more information, contact the Match Supervisor.

  • Equipment: M1 Garand, M1A, AR-15, or Match Rifle with Service, Metallic (globe) or optical sights. No fully-automatic firearms allowed.

  • At least 58 rounds (50 round course) or 88 rounds (80 round course) of ammunition; having 10-20 extra rounds is recommended.

  • At least 2 California legal magazines; 3 or 4 are recommended

  • Spotting scope, preferably with stand tall enough for offhand/standing position

  • Eye and ear protection (MANDATORY!)

  • Open Bolt Indicator (MANDATORY! -- Available free from Rangemaster)

  • Sling; Shooting mat or ground cloth.

  • Shooting coat or medium-weight jacket

  • Shooting glove, shooting mitt, or heavy leather utility glove for the non-dominant hand (left hand for right-handed shooters)

  • Shooting stool, carry pouch, etc. are helpful.

National Match (Across the Course) Course of Fire

Even months:

50 or 80 shots for record (participant's choice) and 8 sighted (2 at each position). 200 yards; 2 sighters and 10 or 20 record shots (slow fire), standing; in 12 or 22 minutes, respectively.

200 yards; 2 sighters and 10 or 20 record shots (rapid-fire) sitting; with mandatory magazine change; 60 seconds/10-shot string.

300 yards; 2 sighters and 10 or 20 record shots (rapid-fire) prone; with mandatory magazine change; 70 seconds/10-shot string. 600 yards; 2 sighters and 20 record shots (slow fire), prone; 22 minutes. Mid Range Prone & F-Class Course of Fire

Odd Months:

All firing is from the 600-yard line – Prone position 60 shots for record + unlimited sighters; fired as 3 x 20-shot (+ sighters) stages conventional prone or F-Class.


Half the group shoots on one relay while the other relay marks targets for them, on an alternating basis. ALL participants are expected to arrive on time by 7:30 AM. Events usually finish by 1:30 PM. ALL participants are expected to help with target installation, scoring in the pits, and target removal/repair as required.

Eye & Ear Protection is Mandatory

Please read through the NRA High Power Rules

Contact the Shoot Chair: