Silhouette: Short Range Rimfire

3rd Saturday of each month 8:00 AM Setup and Practice

Held at 200 Yard covered firing line

Except October when the Sespe Rendezvous takes place

Shoot fee:

This Club Shoot is designed to be a fun shoot. Something like the shooting arcades with the sound of the ding, lead hitting metal and seeing the target spin off the rail. Instant feed back one can not help but smile about.

We are kid friendly

Firearms allowed are 22 long rifle, rifles and handguns only

Short Range Rimfire Silhouette Match:

Silhouettes are arranged in banks of five of each type of animal: Chicken, Pig, Turkey, Ram.  A 40-round match requires each shooter to shoot two 5-shot stages at one bank of targets, then move to the next set of targets (i.e., if you start on bank one chickens, you move to bank one pigs). 

Course of Fire:

We will have Swinger Sighters at each distance for sighting-in and practice. There is no limit on the number of sighters you take for each type of animal (that’s why we have swingers), but: 

Once the Match begins you may fire only between the “… fire” and “cease-fire …” commands. 

1)  Once you have started on your record shots, you must continue through all eight stages; in other words, every time you hear “Shooters to the line” you have to be there.  An exception may be made at the Rangemaster discretion in certain circumstances. The shooter must acquaint the Rangemaster with the reason for his absence. If he is not back when the stage begins, he will have to wait until he can be inserted into the rotation without causing another shooter to miss a turn. 

2)  The Rangemaster determines that the impact area is clear of personnel, then directs, “Shooters to the line for Stage 1 or 2”.  Again, every time you hear “Shooters to the line” you have to be there.

3)  When the Rangemaster determines all shooter are present the command “For 30 seconds … Load” is given and starts the timer on the last word. Shooters get into position and load one or five rounds depending upon the firearm being used. 

4)  The Rangemaster monitors the timer and times their command, “For two minutes … fire” so that there is exactly 0:02:00 on the timer when he pronounces the last word. Shooters fire five rounds, firing a single round at each silhouette, left to right.

5)  “Cease fire, cease fire. Clear and ground your firearms. Make the line safe.” In this discipline, the cease-fire command is repeated for safety reasons.  Rifles are benched or grounded; handguns may be on the bench or in a cradle. Open Bolt Indicators or Empty Chamber Flags are required for all handguns and rifles (Chamber Flags are available on site) . When their firearms are safe all the shooters step behind the Red Firing Line.

6)  When the Rangemaster is satisfied that all firearms are clear and grounded, and the line is safe they call, “The Line is Safe. Target setters out.”  .   Congratulations! You knocked 'em down, now you get to go set 'em up. Shooters reset their own targets after each round of five shots.  

7)  At some time after the shooters have completed the second stage the Rangemaster will call for shooters pick up their firearms and gear and move to the next station.

Because we use a shotgun start (all banks start at the same time), the following rules must be observed by all shooters: 

You may only begin your Stage One with the Rangemaster's Stage One Call.

• If you start with Pigs, you will then move to Turkeys and Turkeys to Rams, if Rams your next animal is Chickens…

• You may only move firearms while the line is hot. Time will be provided for you to start and change stations.

See Range Rules Here

Eye & Ear Protection is Mandatory

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