Meets are 4th Sunday of the Month at 8:00 AM

Practice is every Tuesday at 8:30 AM

Except October when the Sespe Rendezvous takes place

Shoot fee:

Trap is a formal shotgun game using the same target (a clay pigeon) which is used for Skeet; a fragile clay saucer about 4 1/4 inches in diameter which is hurled through the air at a speed of about 42 mph. The target flies almost straight away from the shooter, who stands at one of 5 stations (positions) which form an arc behind the trap house. The targets are launched from the trap house, located in front of the shooting stations. The trap machine flings the targets left, straight ahead or to the right of the shooter.  Distances vary from 16 to 27 yards; at the Ojai Valley Gun Club's trap shoot we ordinarily shoot from the 16-yard stations.  Along side the shooter at each station is a "speaker" which is the microphone for voice release of the target so when a shooter is ready to fire, they  call, "Pull!"  the trap machine releases a target in a random direction.  So, one of the skills required for shooting trap is the ability to locate the target as it leaves the trap house and track its progress across the sky.

Eye & Ear Protection is Mandatory

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