Black Powder

3rd Saturday of the month 9:30 AM

Except October when the Sespe Rendezvous takes place

Archery and Black Powder Events (Shoots) are on different days of the month. 

Shoot fee:

Club members are dedicated to the study, collection, restoration, and shooting of original and replica black powder firearms. Typically, this includes percussion and flintlock rifles and pistols reflecting the period from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War before the introduction of the modern cartridge firearms.


Only muzzleloaders of the traditional design are allowed. Modern "in-line" actions are not accepted at these shoots.

Every year, during the 3rd week of October, the Ojai Valley Gun Club devotes the entire gun range to the Sespe Rendezvous event.

Archery and Black Powder Events have special closure rules. (Range Rules; Section 4.5)

Archery and Black Powder Events (Shoots) are on different days of the month. However, if you plan on shooting at the Archery or Black Powder Range on any day other than the scheduled Shoot Day you need to read Section 4.5 East Complex, of the Range Rules.

These areas are off limits to parking, camping, shooting and any and all other activities from Thursday morning before the first Sunday of every month. Check the Club calendar to be sure if the area is open or closed. Note: The key is Archery’s shoot day (which is the first Sunday) and the three days prior: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The reason for including the Thursdays and Fridays before the first Sunday is that it takes a few days to set up the Field Archery Course. 3D Animal Archery Targets are costly, and we cannot afford to have them damaged by gunfire.

These areas are located predominantly (but not entirely) to the East of Skeet #1 - with Archery extending all the way to the back side gate. Also included, are all downrange impact areas, hillsides and generator house areas, even if out of the direct line of sight or obscured by vegetation, trees, or hills, and the entire area behind (to the South) of these locations.

A cable or chain barrier with a "No Entry" sign will be posted across the road in the vicinity of Trap #2 during those particular days of the month. For your own safety, and for the safety of others, please do not drive or walk or even consider shooting in, near, or towards any of those areas when the signs and barrier(s) are deployed

The exception to this rule is the Junior Shoot: that section of the range will be reopen for their shoot, which is the first Saturday of the month. Prior to their shoot the shoot chair shall insure that the area is clear and safe to use. After the Junior Shoot is over that section of the Range is closed until the Archery shoot on Sunday, when the Range will be reopened.

If you plan to be on the range and wish to shoot during any of those days or times, please contact the Archery and/or Junior Shoot Chair in advance for permission or with any other questions.

General Black Powder Rules

1. The Black Powder Range, Skeet 1 and Skeet 2 are closed when the 3D Archery Range is being set up, as well as whenever the 3D Archery area is occupied by archers. (Range Rules; Section 4.5, b)

2. Only black powder firearms, or Cowboy Action firearms being used with Cowboy Action (S.A.S.S.) approved loads, will be used on the Black Powder Range. (Range Rules; Section 4.5, b)

National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association - Rules

Eye & Ear Protection is Mandatory

Contact the Shoot Chair: